Who we are

Thuongmai Viet Nam is published every Tuesday; The Vietnam Post is published every Friday. Serving the Asian Communities in Houston since 1980, the each weekly newspaper have a large circulation and are distributed FREE.

Thuongmai Viet Nam and The Vietnam Post contain several topics include World, National and Local News, Sports, Common Knowlege, Medical & Health Issues, Women and Family, US Movies, Television of Hong Kong and Vietnam, Fashion, Natural Science and Computer Science, Short Stories, and Novels by well-know international writers, among other things.

Thuongmai Vietnam and The Vietnam Post not only provide intellectual information to Asian families with weekly recreational coverage but also provide advertisers with opportunities to fruitfully promote their businesses, purchase and/or sale activities, including help wanted, and classified ads.

Thuongmai Vietnam and The Vietnam Post take pride in being the first Vietnamese publication for passengers on the international flights between the United States, Asia, and Vietnam

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