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During COVID-19 pandemic, our office still opens during normal business hours. You may continue to read our printed newspapers, as well as online e-Newspaper in our website while staying home.

Who we are

Our company is one of the 1st Vietnamese media and publishing companies in the United States. Started 1975 in Houston, Texas, we’ve developed following comprehensive media capacity including multiple publications, website, social media and printing facility.

The Vietnam Post is a broadsheet and comprehensive mainstream style newspaper. Thuong Mai Vietnam is a tabloid newspaper, and Thuong Mai Weekend Journal is a weekly magazine. All our publications are available with e-paper format and they’re free to view online at e-Newspaper. We have been not only serving the Asian and Vietnamese communities in the Greater Houston Area, but also in the region and its neighbor cities. Since 1970’s our newspapers have been rated top leading and most influential Vietnamese publications in the area.

The Vietnamese community is the largest one among all Asian ethnic groups in Greater Houston area. Due to this large, rapid growing population and increasing demand in all aspects, thus we build up in 2004, Blue Star Web Printing Company, which is a commercial available printing company, to print not only our publications in House, and also many other newspapers, magazines, books, catalogs and all formats of print product nationwide.